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capable + connected

build strength and efficiency in movement
by enhancing your body awareness

What is capable + connected?


It's a 3 week, step-by-step pilates & mobility programme that will help you enhance your body awareness in order to build strength, ease, and efficiency in your movement. 

After the programme you will have a better understanding of how to:

  • progressively build practical strength

  • sustainably improve mobility of major joints

  • actually "listen to your body"

  • better regulate your nervous system

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When is it?


The programme starts on Monday 05/06 and goes until Sunday 25/6

Each week has 3 classes coming out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


The classes are medium length, 30-35 minutes each.

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What do I need?

You'll need a few basic pieces of equipment. If you don't own them, you can usually improvise something from around the house

  • Yoga Blocks // Big Books

  • Small weights (1.5kg/3lbs, roughly) // a large water bottle or some cans

  • Bigger weight (5kg/11lbs) // you can use a cast iron pan or a full backpack

  • Dish towel

the plan
week one
step 1 | core appreciation
Monday 05/06 | Livestream 12:15pm UK // 7:15am EST
step 2 | mobility maintenance + nourishment 
Wednesday 07/06
step 3 | posture & value of adaptability 
Friday 09/06 | Livestream 7:20am UK// 4:15pm AEST
week two
step 4 | supporting your upper body
Monday 12/06 | Livestream 12:15pm UK // 7:15am EST
step 5 | regulating your nervous system
Wednesday 14/06
step 6 | lower body activation
Friday 16/06 | Livestream 7:20am UK // 4:15pm AEST
week three
step 7 | big moves, small details 
Monday 19/06 | Livestream 12:15pm UK // 7:15am EST
step 8 | flexible for the long haul
Wednesday 21/06
step 9 | let go and flow
Friday 23/06 | Livestream 7:20am UK // 4:15pm AEST
sign up for capable + connected

do you want to join live classes?




on-demand only


capable + connected 

programme only access

  • On-demand access to all the classes in the Capable + Connected programme!

  • Learn to build sustainable strength and enhance your range of motion. 

  • Explore movement that both challenges & cares for your body.

  • Build consistency - the classes release in a simple-to-follow plan.


// one off

on-demand & live

+ the full class library


capable + connected

as part of the membership

  • ​Everything from "programme only access", but also including live classes!

  • Enjoy full access to ALL of Starlike: classes, programmes, tutorials, chats and community.

  • You can start moving with me immediately after you sign up!

  • No lock ins! If you wish to join only for Capable + Connected, you can simply unsubscribe afterwards :)


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