An accessible and affordable way to support your body for the decades to come through quality, intelligent movement.

from me to you: welcome to starlike


for the Casual Mover


Casual mover is someone who appreciates the incredible benefits of regular movement, but does not feel the need to live like a pro athlete.


Starlike is where I share carefully created, comprehensive classes that will make you a connected mover and efficient human. My priority is long term sustainability - healthy joints, functional endurance, and full body strength.

the benefits


the combination of

different styles and lengths of the class will fit your lifestyle, while keeping 

you motivated


the on demand library has content that will empower you both on and off the mat

library includes beginners, morning, short, yoga and pilates series

real connection

3 new classes weekly

a group chat for members where you can share experiences and request classes

ask me to help keep you accountable and consistent


I keep the classes short and sweet, so they fit snugly into your life

classes range from 10 to 45 minutes

Starlike members 


Your classes are so well structured, while providing options for wide ranges of skills. What I really appreciate is the relaxed and non-intimidating nature of the classes - it makes it all such a postive experience and makes me keep coming back.


In the past I have found

exercise to be a chore that I dreaded. It’s so different now that you showed me how to workout well, it helped to shift my mindset and change my lifestyle. 


Your confidence in your knowledge makes me feel safe in your virtual hands. I appriciate how you share all that you know so freely to help make us stronger and confident.

do you love how movement makes you feel,
but struggle to make time for it regularly?

I hear you. Remember that no matter what expectations we have been conditioned to put on ourselves, your movement practice - whatever it is - needs to work for you. 


I often talk about the importance of understanding that moving is non-negotiable. Our body survives on it, just like it does on eating or sleeping. However, movement does not have to be long hours at gym every day until you collapse. Exhausting yourself is not equal to quality, moving intelligently is. 


That’s why I put so much emphasis on moving beyond aesthetics - I am sure you have at some point experienced that what makes us look “good” does not always feel great.





3 new classes weekly

request themes and receive feedback 

on demand library with pilates, yoga, morning, short and educational series



I haven't done these types of classes before!

That's fine! First of all, good on you for challenging yourself to try something new! Everyone starts somewhere. Come to the class and be kind to yourself during the learning process. I promise, it's not that scary. Learn more about the classes I teach here.

How do I know it's for me?

I offer a 7 day free trail that includes access to the on demand library and weekly classes! Click here to join!

I can't even touch my toes...

Not moving because you are inflexible is like not going to the dentist because you have bad teeth. Our nervous system (the CEO of your body) makes us tight in certain places to avoid injuries. As you grow stronger your range of motion will increase, and you'll be able to touch your toes whenever you please!

How do I get started?

Two most basic things are a device to watch the classes on and space. Since you are reading this now I think it's safe to assume you're good on the first component. Space wise, find somewhere that would fit a yoga mat (real or imaginary), so approximately 60cm x 180cm. The classes do utilise props from time to time. Here is a list of most basic items and their DIY versions you can find at home. - hand weights - cans (beans do beautifully) - yoga blocks - books - bolster - comfy pillow - yoga mat - beach towel - strap - dish towel

Where do I find the classes?

Once you join you will be able to access all the videos in the "Library" tab. The classes are decided into diffrent folders called collections. Their titles are pretty self-explanatory. There is educational, beginners, short, morning, yoga and pilates collection. You can find the weekly classes in "This week's classes" collection. They come out on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. I send reminders in the group chat the night before to help remind you and keep you motivated.

How do I practice in my own time?

Being able to move whenever you want to is a great thing, HOWEVER as we all know, it can be a trap. We start with the best of intentions, but over time it's hard to stay consistent. What I recommend to all Starlike members is picking a specific number of classes you want to do every week and then putting them in your calendar (or mental calendar, whichever one you prefer). I send reminders before classes are uploaded, so the only thing you need to do is show up at your preferred time. If you would like help getting into the habit of moving please reach out to me and together we can figure out what works for you and how to build consistency. I am here to help.

How do I know how to tailor the classes to my goals?

Try out my private, one on one movement program that will teach you how to customise your practice to suit your ambitions and needs. Find out more here.

Frequently Asked Questions