beyond aesthetics  


      We all know that sooner or later we will have to do a “workout” (or feel guilty about not doing one). I will be the first person to agree that yes, movement is just like food or sleep - nonnegotiable. The problem is that fitness culture convinced us that we should “exercise” solely to make parts of our bodies bigger or smaller.


That resulted in a loss of what should be foundation of every movement experience: enjoyment.

     It’s time to create and nurture a movement practice that genuinely work for us. One that make your body strong, help your mind reconnect and make you feel radiant afterwards.

meet Lena

   For years I resented “exercise” because I associated it with uninspiring 10 Minute Waist Slimming workouts from YouTube. There was no intention or connection behind any of it - I would rush through doing 20 reps of everything and hope for the best. 

   I started attending yoga classes at a local studio in search of is something different. What really changed my mindset down the line was taking what I learned in class and making it into my own movement at home.


Putting on music and taking the time to feel what my body needs. I realised I went my entire life without listening to my body’s intuition. Finally tuning in felt SO good.


what I teach


where we flow


full body experience that will help you build sustainable flexibility and control - find freedom of movement so that you can move exactly how you want



pilates but make it groovy

strengthen is your foundation, 

it’s the best kind of blend of pilates and functional movement to help your body support you throughout life.



cardio you won’t despise 

bringing together rhythm, barre, dance and kick-ass tunes (and absolutely no burpees) for mindful yet sweaty goodness



chill vibes + meditation 

wear your comfiest clothes, light a candle and let yourself relax.

trust me, you’ll love it.

formal qualifications

boring, but in case you would like to know

200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Soul Centre 

Mat Pilates and Equipment Teacher Training Soul Centre 

Teaching Mentorship with Annabel Gebbie 

200hr LYT Yoga Teacher Training 

LYT Yoga Sequencing 101 Lab 

Breathe Education Anatomy & Movement 

Barre Variations Barre Teacher Training