beyond aesthetics  

      Movement is just like food or sleep - nonnegotiable. Despite that, today’s fitness culture has worked hard to convince us that we should “exercise” solely to make parts of our bodies bigger or smaller. 

     Instead I hope to move us beyond physical perfection and visuals aesthetics, through movement that first and foremost makes us strong, resistant and adaptable. I want us to move well and sustainble, so that rather than finding crazy shapes that are solely impressive today, we build long term strenght that will allow us to be free in our bodies for the long haul.

My priority is to help you find that healty relationship with movement (and then make you fall in love with it). ​


meet Lena

    I know first hand what it's like to pursue unattainable aesthetics instead of moving how our bodies are meant to. For years I resented “exercise” because I associated it with uninspiring 10 Minute Waist Slimming workouts from YouTube. Well, turns out exhausting yourself is not equal to quality, moving intelligently is.


After completing traditional trainings in both vinyasa yoga and mat Pilates, my biggest passion became the science of movement. Since then it has been my goal to learn about functional anatomy so I can empower clients by making smart movement something they look forward to. I completed an anatomy-based practical mentorship program and I took part in further 200hr LYT yoga from a physiotherapy standpoint training. Since then I have delivered hundreds of classes to clients both online and in person, helping them fall in love with moving. 


what I teach

             and Mindful: 


Mobility  | Adaptability | Mindfulness 

Get a full body experience in this challenging, yet mindful class. Rooted in functional movement - “what can we do here to make our daily lives a bit easier?”, I will show you how build sustainable strength, endurance and flexibility, while (most importantly) falling in love with movement. 


          and Strong: 


Connection | Strength | Functionality 

This class will help you to increase your body awareness and become a more efficient mover through low impact, joint-friendly purposeful sequences. Whatever you love to do - running, horse riding, dancing or shopping - together we will build the foundations to move your body in a connected way.


formal qualifications

boring, but in case you would like to know

200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Soul Centre 

Mat Pilates and Equipment Teacher Training Soul Centre 

Teaching Mentorship with Annabel Gebbie 

200hr LYT Yoga Teacher Training 

LYT Yoga Sequencing 101 Lab 

Breathe Education Anatomy & Movement 

Barre Variations Barre Teacher Training