Sensationally Strong

A private, one on one movement program that will teach you how to customise your practice to suit your ambitions and needs.  

do you want to

learn how to move in a way
that’s tailored to you

know how to modify any pose
to suit you perfectly 

strengthen a specific muscle group?

build consistency?

intelligently progress in your practice?


Apart from being a yoga + Pilates teacher, I am a student too. I used to get frustrated with lack of progress and had doubts about my habits, so trust me when I say I get you. Let me show you how to work smart, so you can feel amazing not sure today and tomorrow but also in 20 years time.


I have just what you need!

Join my personalised 1:1 program today

one on one

Sensationally Strong is made to suit you! We’ll find out what works best for your body and build a routine together. 
Then, after we’re done, you’ll have the knowledge and abilities to keep it up!


3 weeks

We will meet once a week for the duration of three weeks. That will allow us to build solid foundations for your growth in personal practice. I really believe it’s best to have a time frame in order to create realistic goals. 


keep in touch

In between our sessions I’ll be available for a chat whenever you need! Send me pictures and video of your progress or a voice memo with questions and I'll give you any tips you need.


3 x 70minute tailored classes with me

support in between session 


bonus: personalised 15 minute morning