heartfelt online studio that will bring daily movement into your life with quality classes that feel SO good

from me to you: welcome to starlike studio


from me

- weekly plan of three carefully created, comprehensive classes that will make you a someone who adores moving

- regular check ins to keep you inspired + motivated, as well as answer and questions you may have


from you

- commitment to regularly showing up on your mat in a way that works for you

- just show up, I take care of everything else

the benefits


the combination of

different styles and lengths of the class will fit your lifestyle, while keeping 

you on your toes


the on demand library has content that will empower you both on and off the mat

library includes beginners, morning, short, yoga and pilates series

real connection

I help keep you accountable and consistent

easy to follow schedule of 3 weekly classes

a group chat for where I remind you and motivate you


I keep the classes short and sweet, so they fit snugly into your life

classes range from 5 to 50 minutes

Starlike members 


Your classes are so well structured, while providing options for wide ranges of skills. What I really appreciate is the relaxed and non-intimidating nature of the classes - it makes it all such a postive experience and makes me keep coming back.



In the past I have found

exercise to be a chore that I dreaded. It’s so different now that you showed me how to workout well, it helped to shift my mindset and change my lifestyle. 



Your confidence in your knowledge makes me feel safe in your virtual hands. I appriciate how you share all that you know so freely to help make us stronger and confident.


have you always wanted to be someone
who moves out of love, not guilt?

I hear you. Remember that no matter what expectations we have been conditioned to put on ourselves, your movement practice - whatever it is - needs to work for you. 


I often talk about the importance of understanding that moving is non-negotiable. Our body survives on it, just like it does on eating or sleeping. However, movement does not have to be long hours at gym every day until you collapse. Exhausting yourself is not equal to quality, moving intelligently is. 


That’s why I put so much emphasis on moving beyond aesthetics - I am sure you have at some point experienced that what makes us look “good” does not always feel great.




Starlike  Studio

personal touch - I help to motivate and inspire you every week!

easy to follow weekly schedule of 3 classes

on demand library with pilates, yoga, morning, short and educational series



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