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become a
consistent mover and 
efficient human 

Whatever your thing is - running, shopping or tennis, here you get the intelligent movement you need to maintain your lifestyle for the years to come 

Hi, I’m Lena

I help people support their body and lifestyle through quality, intelligent movement. My priority is long term well-being - healthy joints, functional endurance and full body strength. 


Do you know how important movement is to support your body, but struggle to do it consistently?



Here is how I can help


what I teach

             and Mindful: 


Mobility  | Adaptability | Mindfulness 

Get a full body experience in this challenging, yet mindful class. Rooted in functional movement - “what can we do here to make our daily lives a bit easier?”, I will show you how build sustainable strength, endurance and flexibility, while (most importantly) falling in love with movement. 


          and Strong: 


Connection | Strength | Functionality 

This class will help you to increase your body awareness and become a more efficient mover through low impact, joint-friendly purposeful sequences. Whatever you love to do - running, horse riding, dancing or shopping - together we will build the foundations to move your body in a connected way.


Starlike members 


Your classes are so well structured, while providing options for wide ranges of skills. What I really appreciate is the relaxed and non-intimidating nature of the classes - it makes it all such a postive experience and makes me keep coming back.

In the past I have found

exercise to be a chore that I dreaded. It’s so different now that you showed me how to workout well, it helped to shift my mindset and change my lifestyle. 


Your confidence in your knowledge makes me feel safe in your virtual hands. I appriciate how you share all that you know so freely to help make us stronger and confident.


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