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fall in
love with

become someone who moves when and how they want to, simply because they love it

take your first step towards falling in love with moving with Starlike Studio



my priority is making sure starlike studio is somewhere you look forward to returing to

the combination of of different styles and lengths of the class will fit your lifestyle, while keeping you on your toes



I help keep you accountable and consistent

easy to follow schedule of 3 weekly classes

a group chat for where I remind you and motivate you



the library of over 90 classes includes pilates, yoga, beginner, morning, and educational collections 

I keep the classes short and sweet, so they fit snugly into your life

classes range from 5 to 50 minutes


I’m Lena

I help people fall in love with moving through quality classes that feel SO good. My priority is long term well-being - healthy joints, satisfied mind and functional  strength. 

Do you know how important movement is to support your body, but struggle to do it consistently?



Here is how I can help you change your relationship with moving 


Starlike members 


Your classes are so well structured, while providing options for wide ranges of skills. What I really appreciate is the relaxed and non-intimidating nature of the classes - it makes it all such a postive experience and makes me keep coming back.


In the past I have found

exercise to be a chore that I dreaded. It’s so different now that you showed me how to workout well, it helped to shift my mindset and change my lifestyle. 



Your confidence in your knowledge makes me feel safe in your virtual hands. I appriciate how you share all that you know so freely to help make us stronger and confident.



stay in the know